Millennium Hobbies & The Gundam Kitchen host events weekly and monthly

Tuesday night anime club

South Jersey Anime Club will be hosting a weekly anime meet up at the store. The club is for adult anime fans (not that we will be watching “adult anime”, but more for the ability not to have to worry about potentially offensive content for minors)
Hosted by Youtuber Fanboy Faries


Wednesday Miniature War Game Nights

Marvel Crisis Protocol, Warhammer, Kill Team, X-Wing, Star Wars Legion, Tanks, Flames of War, Infinity, Aristeia!, Krosmasters, Bolt Action, Malifaux, and Gundam Skirmish. Join our Facebook group gkgaming so you can arrange a game or demo before hand.


Thursday Night Board Game Night

Screenshot (4).png

Learn/play great board games! We will have several board games to demo and feel free to bring your own games to share with the group.

KIDS: most board games we will be playing are for 12+. Some will be easier, some will be more difficult. Majority of the group will be adults, but mature children are welcome. Parents must accompany any child under 16


Friday Night Warhammer 40,000

People often arrive as early as 3pm to do some building and painting. Games usually start at 6 and wrap up at 9:30. Store will stay open to 10pm if needed

Gundam Skirmish
Mobile Suit Skirmish
The game created:
City game table is open for play (first come first served) any business day. Games take roughly an hour, so come at least 2 hours before closing. Study rules and directions @


Gunpla Potluck
Join us for the Gunpla Potluck. Hang out and talk all things mech related. Bring your projects and finished work to The Gundam Kitchen or start building a whole new kit. Share tips and tricks and get inspiration. From 5:30pm to 8pm. Saturday Feb 29th
Here is a review of one of our events from
Gunpla Potluck is usually last Saturday of the month.






Weathering class

Photo class

Diorama class

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