Hosted by North America’s 2016 GBWC winner Tim Child of Mecha and Justin of Justinius Builds.  This will be a class not miss (people always ask me after they miss a class when is the next one) so call out of work, miss the baby shower, and forget the bride at the alter.  It will be June 24th 1pm to about 5pm, there will be a fee probably $20 or less, you will be expected to bring basic tools (knife, mat, file/sanding stick), we will provide building supplies and you should be able to walk away with a Gundam Ver. LOGIC (see picture)
More details and an event post to come.  Just wanted to put this out there so you guys could make arrangements.  That will also be the day of the #gunplapotluck.   Look these guys up on Facebook or Instagram they have made some awesome things (child of Mecha and justinius builds).

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